How badly would the Jags beat Alabama?

The Jaguars are a very bad NFL team.

Alabama is a very good college football team.

Steve Spurrier is a very clever coach.

So his praise of the Crimson Tide that included his thoughts that a matchup between the two would be close set off a lot of talk radio conversation.

And sane minds in most places I’ve monitored, even in SEC-crazed Nashville where I reside, agree with my assessment: Spurrier’s nuts.

Say there are 20 NFL players on Alabama. There are 53, by definition, on the Jaguars.

Don’t like Jacksonville’s choice of personnel? Even if you want to really downgrade them, they’ve got more than twice as many pro-caliber players as Bama does.

The Jaguars will be, across the board, faster and stronger and far more mature than the Crimson Tide. They’d be faster and stronger and more mature enough that I have zero doubt they’d cover a 24.5- or 25.5-point spreadInsider with little difficulty.

Joke about the amateur status of a top college program if you want, but we’re talking pros versus amateurs.

And it’s not the 1980 Winter Olympics.