What I think the Titans should be thinking

What I think they’re thinking (or should be) at the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon…

Coach Mike Munchak gave a nice talk after the game about sticking together and the dangers of splitting off. The real dangers are with regard to our inability to execute. With a young team under a second-year coach the one thing you want to see is some steady improvement. We’ve still got a lot of the same troubles we had when we started out 1-4. We don’t make key plays in key moments. We lack leadership. We don’t necessarily trust our coaches and their plans. They don’t seem to necessarily trust us or know how to use us effectively. The turnovers Sunday were ridiculous. How can these guys we cast as core players who our attack is centered around -- Kenny Britt, Chris Johnson, Jared Cook -- be so careless with the football? Aren’t we supposed to be following their lead? How’s that going to work exactly? It would be a good week for a player to step up in front of us and deliver a message. Who's got the resume and production that shouts "listen to me?"