Adams partly responsible for Titans' woes

Recall if you will, the end of Jeff Fisher’s lengthy tenure as coach of the Houston Oilers/ Tennessee Titans.

Owner Bud Adams was at a crossroads where it was absolutely clear he had to choose between Fisher and Vince Young.

And Adams chose correctly, he chose Fisher and the Titans declined to trigger more of Young’s contract, saying so on Jan. 5, 2011.

But things between Fisher and the franchise fell apart from there, and ultimately, despite the Young decision, the team and coach severed ties, too.

Fisher’s departure negotiations concluded on Jan. 27, 2011, 25 days after the NFL’s regular season ended, and he probably played a role in the process lasting so long.

Munchak was hired Feb. 7, 11 days later and the day after the Super Bowl.

Other teams that made changes got their work under way before Munchak.

He looked to old coaching colleagues as his coordinators.

Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer was in Hartford in the UFL, having left the Giants where he’d been quarterbacks coach because he couldn’t get a new deal with an out for a coordinator job.

Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray didn’t get a new deal with the Seahawks after a year on Pete Carroll’s staff, and had signed up to be defensive coordinator at his alma mater, the University of Texas.

It was a sloppy ending to the Fisher tenure, and things like that happen. As a trade off to such a long tenure of stability, a lot of franchises would take it.

But the coaching that Adams found insufficient on Sunday was at least partly insufficient because the timing of the coaching change gave Munchak limited options when he was hiring.

And ownership had a big hand in that timetable.