Watt loves moving around Texans' front

J.J. Watt is a 4-3 defensive end, but he doesn't stay in one spot for every snap.

As Watt and the Texans prepare for Sunday night’s game against the Bears at Soldier Field, he told WSCR in Chicago that moving around the defensive front is one of the things that’s making him so effective and making work so enjoyable.

“(Wade Phillips) moves me around,” Watt said. “He gives me the opportunity to rush against all different guys across the offensive line. And for me that’s great. As a player, you relish the opportunity to go up against as many guys as possible, and hopefully beat as many guys as possible, because it’s kind of like one of those feather-in-your-cap-type deals. So I really enjoy it, and it creates a lot of opportunities for not only me, but for my teammates as well. Because teams are obviously trying to do some things double-team-wise, chip-wise, and that also creates opportunities. So it’s a great situation.”

He was also asked about his former Wisconsin teammate Gabe Carimi, the Bears' right tackle.

“I’ve learned a whole lot since then, I’m a much different player,” Watt said. “I play a much different position now. So everything has changed and I’m sure he’s changed, too, and I’m sure he’s gotten a lot better as well. It’ll be a good matchup.”