Khan is looking to satisfy fans in long-term

Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union had a long talk with Jaguars owner Shad Khan today and has shared some good stuff via Twitter.

The gist: Khan won’t overact or too-quickly react to fan discontent.

Khan says he understands "some of the answers [today] might not be satisfying. I don't want to satisfy in the short term, but long-term," Frenette writes.

The sort of calling out of coaches and players that Bud Adams did with the Titans isn’t something we’re going to see from Khan.

"That's not something I would do,” Khan said. “That's not me."

Other tidbits:

  • The Jaguars’ salary cap shape has been misreported and the team has the sixth-highest payroll in the league this year.

  • The game-day experience has improved and ticket sales have risen to 21st in the league.

  • “Khan told story about going to NFL merchandise store in London, concerned no Jags stuff but all 31 others. Lady told him they were sold out.”

The most significant thing here to me was something Khan declined to address. Frenette asked Khan about how much input he had into the three-year extension general manager Gene Smith got from Wayne Weaver just before the team was sold last season, Khan declined to get into specifics.

Khan certainly signed off on it. How strongly we don’t know. But Smith is the focus as fans cry out for change now for a team that’s 1-7.

Smith himself has said the franchise doesn’t have sufficient talent, yet stocking the roster with talent is his primary job and he started in 2009. Only eight players on the current team arrived before Smith was making the personnel decisions.

Khan wants to wait until drama and emotion have softened before plotting a course.

If that course is a new GM from the outside, that new GM can’t be asked to come in and sign on to existing coach Mike Mularkey, or quarterback, who are already in place. Which means if Khan makes a change with Smith, it'll come with wholesale changes.