What I think the Jaguars are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon…

The end is near. The probability of a turnaround is slim, let’s be honest. The architects, leadership and core of this team are likely to be displaced after this is over. Our owner has remained calm and won’t do anything rash now, but we’re not na├»ve enough to believe he’s not going to do anything. And honestly, even from the inside, even as people want to preserve our jobs and job security, what case can we make for ourselves? We’ve gotten worse since last year, which was supposed to be bottom. There is nothing we are particularly good at, except maybe checking the ball down. It’s remarkable people are still coming to home games, considering we lose by at least 17 points when we head out to play at EverBank Field. It would be nice if we played the Chiefs, so we could see who’s the worst. There is surprisingly limited talk about the draft at this point, perhaps because we don’t know who will be doing the drafting.