Arians wants officials protecting Luck

Bruce Arians maybe a first-year interim coach. But he’s using veteran tactics to work officials.

Per Sal Paolantonio on ESPN this morning, Arians is tired of quarterback Andrew Luck taking “cheap shots to the head.”

“Even if Andrew slides, guys are coming for his head. That was a cheap shot by [Jacksonville safety Dawan] Landry. He got a penalty. But a penalty is not enough. Landry should have been ejected from the game. He is sliding, and it’s illegal to launch yourself at the quarterback’s head like that. He should have been ejected.”

That’s pushing it for effect, of course. Players commit terrible penalties and suffer the consequences in yards and a first down and a fine from the league. Getting tossed is a rarity.

The top quarterbacks in the league are generally afforded even more protection thanks to their star power and reputation. Luck’s not in that group yet. But he runs more and better than most of the guys in that class.

So Arians is trying to protect his guy. He hopes Sal Pal’s story takes flight (and we’re technically aiding that process here). And Arians will talk it up in his meeting with officials 90 minutes before the game.

Planting seeds in officials' heads can’t hurt when it comes to protecting Luck’s head.