On trying to be at the best game

If you're monitoring four teams, you're bound to miss good games.

You scratch out a reasonable equation and consult with the bosses, but with as many as four games to choose between, you’re going to pick wrong sometimes.

Or, for the AFC South blog this season so far, most of the time.

When the Colts beat Green Bay 30-27 on Oct. 7, I was getting ready to be at MetLife Stadium for "Monday Night Football," Texans vs. Jets.

When the Titans and Lions went to overtime with big play after big play and Tennessee pulled out a 44-41 overtime win on Sept. 23, I was with the Jaguars in Indianapolis.

I did manage to be at the Colts’ 19-13 overtime comeback win in Nashville on Oct. 28.

But yesterday, I wasn't at a game that felt like it topped them all. I watched Houston's 43-37 overtime win over Jacksonville at Reliant Stadium from the press box at Gillette Stadium -- on my iPad -- before I took in the Patriots' 59-24 beatdown of the Colts.

Who knew the Colts could rally from a big second-half deficit to upset the Packers the Sunday after they learned Chuck Pagano had leukemia? Or that there would be a Sunday when the Titans set a record for scoring plays over 60 yards? Or that the worst team in the NFL would post a serious threat to the best team in the league?

The reason the league is so good it that we can’t predict such things.

It explains why I was in the press box to see a lukewarm Texans-Jets game. It’s why I saw the Jaguars’ beat the Colts in Indy (in a game that did actually have a compelling finish). It’s the excuse that I am flying back from Boston right now, not Houston.

It’s the reason this is a great gig.