What I think the Texans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Houston Texans this afternoon…

It’s hard not to have mixed feelings today. We feel good about staging the big comeback, getting huge games from Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, proving we can come from behind and get to 9-1. But that was an incredible defensive dud in which we got shredded by the second-string quarterback of the worst team in the league. And that’s a major, major cause for concern. When we play in Detroit on Thursday, we’re going to find a better offense waiting for us. And if Johnathan Joseph’s hamstring keeps him out or hinders him, we’re going to have a tough time with Calvin Johnson. The pass rush will need to dictate things at Ford Field. On a day when we played poorly in a lot of ways, we won anyway. That says something. Something good.