Bruce Arians thankful Steelers tossed him

I am not a fan of standard holiday questions.

We're in the season where players will be asked if they like cranberry sauce, what the best Christmas present they ever got was, and what they're thankful for.

The answers, like the questions, make me yawn. And most often, I don't care.

But someone in the Indianapolis press corps got a good one out of Bruce Arians today.

From a transcript provided by the team:

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow what are you thankful for?

“Oh gosh. I’m thankful for the Pittsburgh Steelers letting me go to be here. Truthfully, I couldn’t think of a better place to be at this point in time and to have felt more needed probably in my entire life. So, thank you, Pittsburgh.”

The Colts, I am sure, are equally thankful to the Steelers.