What a stupid rule

DETROIT -- I don’t know who could argue it isn’t a dumb rule.

Officials will review all scoring plays... unless a frustrated coach asks for a review. In which case, if it hasn’t started, officials burn him on a technicality and don’t review it. Plus walk-off 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz knows better. His immediate reaction to Houston running back Justin Forsett's 81-yard “touchdown run” in the third quarter at Ford Field said as much.

But does the rule make sense?

The league puts the responsibility of initiating reviews on coaches for non-turnovers and non-touchdowns outside of the final two minutes of a half or an overtime period.

And when that coach reacts in a game’s biggest moment when it happens not to be his responsibility, he’s punished. It's an unnecessary test of restrain.

In this case the coach is punished to the degree that his team must swallow an 81-yard touchdown where the back was pretty clearly down well short of that.

Forsett’s “score” cut Detroit’s lead to 24-21 and will be the conversation piece of the day. The Texans have now pulled even at 24-24.

The lack of a review on the blown call was is unfortunate.

And it should should have the competition committee calling out “get us rewrite.”