Duane Brown: Suh's stuff is 'unnecessary'

The NFL says it will review Ndamukong Suh’s cleat-to-the-groin hit on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in Thursday’s Houston-Detroit Game.

It was not a smart move by Suh, who seemed to find opportunity at the end of a play when he rolled into the pocket to give Schaub a little extra kick.

It was worth a flag that didn't come. It’s worthy of a fine.

It was not a crime against humanity, as some have made it out to be.

I spoke to Texans left tackle Duane Brown about Suh after the game.

He said he saw another play by Suh on Schaub that gave him question.

“I'm not sure how quickly Matt got the ball off, but I saw one play where (Suh) was grabbing him, by the shoulder pads without the ball, pulled him down sideways and he could have easily, easily got injured,” Brown said.

“It's one thing to play hard, play to the whistle. But I think some of that is very unnecessary. If the ball is gone, let off. It's as simple as that. As far as kicking, I didn't see him kick anybody. I'm glad I didn't because that's unacceptable.”