What I think the Titans are thinking

What I think the Tennessee Titans are thinking at team headquarters this afternoon...

Mike Munchak used the word mediocrity after that poor showing in Jacksonville. Mediocre is what we are -- at best. Mediocre is more like 8-8, and we’d have to go 4-1 to finish 8-8. Why would we believe we could do that? We don’t show a lot of heart, we don’t have a lot of leadership, we didn’t do enough offensively against a bad defensive team. It’s easy to be disappointed as players, we've not played well. But it’s also easy to look around and wonder about the coaching and roster construction. We’ve circled to these themes over and over. It's time to play for some job security. It's time to play for some pride. It's time to push through this and get to the part where we see just how much change Bud Adams will follow through on if Munchak doesn’t beat him to it.