What I think the Colts are thinking

What I think they are thinking at the headquarters of the Colts this afternoon…

We’re in a good spot again. The schedule is favorable. We are the leader in the race for two wild-card spots. Games at Detroit and against Tennessee in the next two weeks are certainly winnable. Beyond that isn’t intimidating, either -- at Houston will be tough, at Kansas City should be a win and Houston in our finale is likely to be a game the Texans won’t have much interest in. We found a way against Buffalo when we hardly played our best. The No. 1 priority right now has got to be pass protection. We’ve talked about Andrew Luck taking too many shots, but a lot of those have been when he’s on the move. Four sacks by the Bills were a concern. We’ve done better work on some big-time rushers than we did on Mario Williams. The Lions have some capable rushers, and we need to keep them off of our guy.