What I think the Jaguars are thinking

What I think they are thinking at the headquarters of the Jaguars this afternoon…

So that’s what winning feels like. It’s been so long, we kind of forgot. Mike Mularkey told us a story last week about a guy digging for gold who gave up and saw the next guy hit pay dirt because he dug three feet deeper. So he told us to dig three feet deeper. Look, we’re not very good. But give us a little credit, we were 1-9 and could have tuned Mularkey out a long time ago. We haven’t. He’s still got our attention and we’re still playing for him, and we dug deeper and got a win over a division rival. We didn’t falter at the end and we each got a chest bump from Mularkey as we entered the locker room after our first good home game of the season produced our second win. Please spare us any talk about hurting our draft position. That’s for Gene Smith or his successor to worry about, not us.