Palmer: Titans have plenty of issues

Former Tennessee offensive coordinator Chris Palmer suggested he needed the one thing that's hardest to get in the NFL to make things work: Time.

Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean spoke this morning to Palmer, who was fired by Mike Munchak last night.

Said Palmer, citing a rookie quarterback and Kenny Britt’s injuries: “I just think there’s more issues than people want to admit to.”

He’s right -- there are a lot of issues. Jake Locker needs time and seasoning. Britt needs to be healthy.

But there is a gap between sufficient offensive progress and a high-quality offense, and Munchak didn’t see the gap closing fast enough.

There is blame to spread around, and Palmer indicated a share of it has to fall on those players who still have to work their way through things like inexperience.

“I feel we put the players in a position to make plays, and at that point it falls on the players. We had a chance to drive and win on Sunday, and then we throw an interception. Well, that is part of a young quarterback. You learn from that experience and hopefully next time he’ll take us down and put us in field goal position. And you have to live through that.

“...Mike (Munchak) had to do what he thought was best for the team. I have no regrets. We were 9-7 last year and all those kids had the most catches of their careers. Kendall (Wright) has a bunch of catches this year as a rookie, and Chris (Johnson) is back on track. It is just hard when (against the Jaguars) 8 of the 12 possessions start inside the 20 and you have a rookie quarterback and you think you are going to go down and score a bunch of points.”

Drives start where they start. Plenty of teams have driven the ball against the Jaguars, who were 1-9 when the Titans got to Jacksonville. Andrew Luck and Christian Ponder have led their teams to wins over Jacksonville.

In Palmer's first year when the Titans went 9-7, the team was coming off a lockout, which meant there was no offseason installation. Tennessee ran an offense that was similar to the one from the year before the new staff took over.

This year, Palmer installed his offense. Last year's offense was better than this year's version, which is one of the big indictments that cost Palmer his job.