Collins expects Loggains to be creative

Simpler routes and more of a push downfield are two things I wrote that we can expect from a Titans offense run by Dowell Loggains.

Former Tennessee quarterback Kerry Collins told John Glennon of The Tennessean he expects a great deal more creativity, too.

“I think the playmakers are there,” Collins said. “Those guys are extremely capable of doing some great things. You have to be creative to get the ball in peoples’ hands and I think Dowell is going to try to, if anything, step up the creativity.”

The Titans can definitely use a dose of that, and I think moving away from the option routes that Chris Palmer was married to will aid it.

Being more creative doesn’t mean it’ll be all razzle-dazzle, however.

Expect a bunch of double reverses and such on Sunday against the Texans at your own risk. More likely: Route combinations that help each other out more.