Jags remove a tarp for Tebow appearance

While jersey sales indicate Tim Tebow’s popularity is sliding, a development in Jacksonville suggests his hometown popularity remains plenty strong.

When the Jets and their backup quarterback play at EverBank Field on Dec. 9, the team will remove the tarp covering section 404. Those tickets are now on sale for $35 apiece.

“We’re pleased with demand for tickets for this game and we’re thrilled to be able to make additional tickets available to our fans,” Jaguars President Mark Lamping said in a news release about the development.

The stadium capacity is 67,246 with tarps, which are a punch line too often considering even with them the building seats more than Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field or Chicago’s Soldier Field.

I’ve got no problem with the Jaguars making space for Tebow fans even if they may be rooting for the Jets. Bring them in, expose them to the local NFL experience and hope they’ll come again to see someone like Chad Henne -- you know, a quarterback who actually plays.

I know this may start another round of talk about how the Jaguars should have drafted Tebow or should have traded for him. I'll remind you he ultimately was given the choice of the Jets or the Jaguars based on similar offers and chose New York.

Jacksonville was lucky for that.

Tebow fans and Jaguars critics will say all the tarps would be down if he was on the team. I just don't believe that theory is close to true. The idea that a backup quarterback would regularly be filling a stadium is silly. He's not better than Blaine Gabbert or Henne, so I don't buy that he'd be starting regularly or even playing much. Special teamers don't fill stadiums either.

And there is one thing that is undeniably far worse than having tarps to take down: having to put them back up.