What I think the Titans should be thinking

What I think they should be thinking at the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon…

Know your job and do your job. That’s what Mike Munchak preaches. That’s what’s written on the walls inside our headquarters. Are we doing that? How many passes did we drop against the Texans? Five? Six? How many penalties undid giant plays? Why are we fair catching a punt at the 5-yard line? Why is our young quarterback, who needs time and seasoning for sure, trying so hard to play perfectly in the first half? Why, 12 games into the season, do we come out of a game asking all these questions? It’s just not satisfactory. After losses in four of our past five games, we’ve been loaded up with questions like these. Year 2 of what we’re doing and we’re behind these teams in first or second years under new coaches: Seattle, Minnesota, St. Louis (that one hurts), Indianapolis and Tampa Bay. You could fairly put Miami there too, though we creamed the Dolphins. The group behind us in this category is not the company we want to keep -- Oakland, Cleveland, Carolina and Jacksonville (even though they beat us).