Chat wrap: On blogger superpowers

What a wonderful chat we had Thursday.

The celebrity roster may have been the most impressive ever: Wayne Gretzky, Oscar Wilde, Dom DeLuise, Marissa Tomei, George W. Bush and The Most Interesting Man in the World were among those who stopped by.

Among the topics we all covered together:

  • The Texans' nickel plan for New England.

  • The Titans' linebacking corps.

  • Who would withstand a blow-up in Jacksonville.

  • The credit due Jim Irsay for his hires.

  • Is it the wrong year to be at the top of the draft?

  • What will happen with Jared Cook?

  • How Gary Kubiak will wind up resting the Texans.

  • My superpower.

For all of that and more as you look to stall on getting to work, simply head here.