Johnson should pipe down about carries

I like my skill players to be a little bit selfish.

I want guys who want the ball, I want guys to want the ball.

I’ve defended Tennessee running back Chris Johnson in the past, thinking his periodic calls for more work didn’t amount to big-time selfishness as much as is reflected his desire to be a central contributor.

But that’s gradually eroded. And his comments Thursday were, frankly, ridiculous.

From Jim Wyatt in The Tennessean:

Asked if he voiced his displeasure with new offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, Johnson said:

“I don’t think it was a thing where he had to come to me and say anything. I was very upset, or whatever, not being able to be used as much as I wanted to be. But it’s a situation, he’s a new guy and he’d never called a game before in his career. Hopefully it will change.”

Really Chris?

Your feel for holes has improved this season and you’re on pace for a solid 1,324-yard season. But apparently you’re losing your hold on game situations.

The Titans were down 21-3 at the start of the second half on Sunday against the Texans. Loggains was calling plays that he thought could get the Titans back in the game, and you should know by now that when your team is trailing big, you’re not going to be featured. If you’re called on to block, do it willingly and pipe down.

They’d like to use you more, they’d like to give you more than three second-half carries, but they have to be in the game to do it.

Know what helps them stay in the game?

You not fumbling in the second quarter to end a chance to score and stay in the game.

That’s on you, pal, not on Loggains.

And by the way, it’s was your fourth lost fumble of the season.

It’s past time to check yourself. People are beyond tired of hearing you complain about your carries, and it crops up too often. Game situations are sometimes going to dictate that you don’t get the ball a lot. You’re in your fifth year.

It’s beyond time you understand that.