Wrap-up: Cardinals 28, Texans 21

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Two weeks after Chris Brown failed to hold onto the ball at the goal line on what would have been a late score against Jacksonville to pull the Texans even with the Jaguars, the Texans went back to him in a similar situation.

Again he showed himself not to be a quality short yardage back, though his line did little to help him.

The Texans lost in Arizona, 28-21.

Houston stormed back from a three-touchdown deficit to pull even, but couldn’t get that fourth touchdown as it sent Brown up the middle into an Arizona defensive front that built a wall to keep him out.

That’s two games they’ve put in Brown’s hands at the end, and two times he has not gotten the job done.

Brown had some success in the first chapter of his NFL career in Tennessee, but little of it came in short-yardage situations. The Titans ultimately concluded it was not his strength and turned elsewhere and when he reached free agency it made no effort to keep him.

Nevertheless, the Texans failed to address running back in the draft when a bigger back to pair with Steve Slaton was the lone clear need on offense.

They signed Brown in 2008, but he didn’t make it out of camp and spent the year on IR with a back issue. He survived through camp this year when a better alternative didn’t emerge.

And now a team that’s struggled to run has turned to him twice for a game’s most crucial carry -- with little evidence that he's equipped for the task -- and not gotten what it needed.