RTC: Columnists-at-games edition

We’ve got an early flight from Indianapolis to Boston for the second half of our AFC South doubleheaders.

That dictates a columnists-who-covered-Sunday-games edition of reading the coverage…

Indianapolis Colts

It’s not smoke and mirrors, it's not a tribute to the sick coach, it’s not a young and inspired team playing over its head, says Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “This group has bonded and rallied around its coach, united in the desire to extend the season and get their coach back on the sideline for a playoff game. But it takes a good team -- a really good team -- to fight through all the injuries and inexperience and win nine of 13 games.”

To which I say: They are good. And they are better than the sum of their parts. Isn’t that exactly what we hope teams will forge themselves into?

Jacksonville Jaguars

The inept Jaguars cannot stay this course, says Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union. “This is simply a football team, no matter who is coaching them, that finds a way to fall short. It can't seem to overcome any type of adversity, can't find a way to make plays when games hang in the balance, and can't break the most vicious cycle of losing in franchise history.”

To which I say: Fans of some teams can’t wait for the postseason to start to see what their team does. Fans of other teams, like this one, can’t wait for the offseason to start to see what their team does.

Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker’s inability to make plays in the clutch remains a very big concern, says David Climer of The Tennessean. “When you check out how some of the NFL’s young guns perform in the clutch — including but not limited to Colts rookie Andrew Luck — you have to wonder. Could it be that some guys have it and other guys don’t?”

To which I say: We’ve got to allow for a larger body of work to judge and resist the urge to use Luck as too much of a gauge. But right now it’s hard to feel good about Locker.