What I think the Jaguars are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Jacksonville Jaguars this evening…

There’s not much left to think about except getting out of dodge in three weeks and wondering what the owner will do. This disaster is on the front office and it’s on us, for sure. But you have to wonder about some of the coaching, too. Mel Tucker said a lot of our run defense problems in losing to the Jets were about misfits. Shouldn’t we know how to run-fit by now? He said the lack of a pass rush is partially because the rush isn’t coordinated. Well, we were talking about that in camp. How long does it take to coordinate it, exactly? We move as an absolutely glacial pace around here in terms of progress these days. Surely they can bring in people who can coordinate the rush more quickly. Please hold your punch lines about Mike Mularkey getting sick Monday and needing some time in the hospital. There is no sophistication in going for the laugh by saying he’s suffering the effects of seeing so much bad football.