Where they stand in key categories

Here's our weekly look at where the teams of the AFC South stand in key categories. I generally consider third-down efficiency super important. And points, of course, tend to trump all.

Some movement of note:

  • The Texans dropped three spots in third-down offense with a 4-for-14 showing in New England. They fell from second to fourth in points and from fourth to sixth in points allowed.

  • The Colts fell from third to seventh in total offense -- four spots in rushing offense, three spots in passing offense. They improved three spots in rush defense and in third-down defense.

  • The Jaguars jumped out of dead last in rushing offense to 29th, thanks in large part to Montell Owens 91-yard day. They also gained four spots in pass defense since Mark Sanchez only needed to throw for 111 yards for the Jets.

  • The Titans moved down four spots in rush offense and up four spots in run defense.