Where does Texans coaching job rank?

Gene Wojciechowski poses an interesting question in his most recent column at ESPN.com.

If you could coach any team in football, college or pro, what would be your top 10?

It’s an interesting question that could produce a billion different opinions.

A radio colleague in Nashville, Braden Gall of Athlon, primarily covers college football, but says his top 10 would all be NFL jobs. Win a Super Bowl in Oakland and you’re famous nationally. Win an NCAA championship at Stanford and you’re famous in Palo Alto and known in the Pac 12.

Unsurprisingly based on my job and being from the Northeast, where college football’s not as important, I too would stock my list with NFL jobs. (Though I would love a campus life in the right place.)

Woj spreads his around -- choosing four NFL teams and six college jobs, though he cheats a bit and mentions seven. His runner-ups are four college programs and one NFL job.

Roundaboutly, we arrive at the tie-in to this blog: His number 10 is the Houston Texans.

“Texans owner Bob McNair doesn't generate the publicity wattage of the Cowboys' (Jerry) Jones, but within the NFL industry, McNair is admired, respected and a little bit feared.

“Cash flow isn't a problem for McNair. Better yet, he spends his money wisely.

“McNair isn't afraid to show loyalty or patience. (Gary Kubiak can tell you all about it.) And the Texans' front office is peppered with real pros.”