Too many overthrows for Luck in last three

For much of the season, I’ve not been overly concerned with Andrew Luck's completion percentage.

The Colts have been more vertical this season that any team in the league, and when you throw the ball further down field than anyone else, you’re bound to connect less often.

Luck doesn’t have the completion percentage-padding checkdowns in his arsenal that are a staple in a lot of offenses. The Colts throw some receiver screens, but Luck has only 30 passes to running backs all season.

That said, his accuracy the last three weeks had dipped.

In his first 11 games, he was at 56.8 percent. In his last three he’s been at 44.4, 47.1 and 48.1 -- a total of 46.0.

A drop of over 10 percentage points isn’t only a function of the vertical offense. It’s also shows he's been less accurate.

Particularly, Luck has been overthrowing people a lot.

I asked him if he’s been missing more high.

“That’s a fair assessment,” he said. “I’m not setting my feet and (I’m) getting the ball up. We’ll work on it and move on to next week. We’ll work on it in practice and try to get better.”

Was having a guy like J.J. Watt bearing down on him so often contributing to overthrows Sunday in Houston?

“I don’t know,” Luck said. “I think he’s obviously a great player and the Texans have a great front seven core but every team in the NFL has great pass rushers and great players so I don’t think it was any different this week than any other week.”