RTC: Jaguars can't win individual matchups

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Houston Texans

Among the things Jerome Solomon learned from the Texans’ win over the Colts: “Gary Kubiak is going to be conservative. No need in wringing your hands over it or fretting about it. That’s just the way it is. When the Texans face a third-and-long, he would rather hand the ball off and kick than risk turning it over by actually trying to get the first down. I agree with him around half the time. But at 12-2, it is hard to argue that his strategy isn’t sound. Well, defensible at least.”

To which I say: It’s not always the right thing, as Solomon says. But it wasn’t the reason for the losses to Green Bay or New England.

Indianapolis Colts

Dwayne Allen was eager to take responsibility for his mistake which led to a blocked punt, says Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “This is what I was struck by after a tour of the postgame locker room: The accountability. Want to know why the Colts are 9-5 and are building a culture that will turn the AFC South crown into a short-term rental for the Houston Texans? Accountability.”

To which I say: It’s a great sign and something you generally see from good teams on bad days. It's another reason to like the way this team has come together.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, it just keeps getting worse for the Jaguars, says Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union. They had 10 penalties for 88 yards and five first downs. “Most of the yellow flags were for holding and pass interference, the kind of penalties that suggest (Mike) Mularkey's team simply isn't good enough to win the individual matchups that translate to victory. However, that didn't stop a brooding Mularkey from ranting in his introductory postgame remarks, which seemed like a feeble attempt to fall on some kind of sword.”

To which I say: As Frenette says, their tendency to crumble at the smallest sign of adversity is very disturbing. See the response to the Guy Whimper penalty for failing to report as eligible that took away a Justin Blackmon TD catch for Sunday’s best example.

Tennessee Titans

In case you missed this: The clock on Jake Locker and young quarterbacks around the league is ticking louder.

The Tennessean’s preview of tonight’s Jets-Titans game at LP Field. The staff see a win for the home team.