Chat wrap: On choosing position to draft

Some snippets from Thursday'a AFC South chat:

Jonathon (Providence): If the Colts lock up the #5 seed chances are they will play Baltimore in the Wild Card round. Assuming this match-up happens how much of a chance do you give the Colts to win?

Paul Kuharsky: Absolutely the best matchup they could draw. I'd say 35/40 percent chance.

Taylor (Minnesota): Has Chris Johnson done enough this year to get the bonus he's due right after the Super Bowl?

Paul Kuharsky: What he's due for is $9 million of his $10 million base salary for 2013 to lock in as guaranteed. They have to pay someone and it's not like they have someone else. I think there is little doubt now he gets it.

Joe (Houston): Looking ahead to next years NFC West/AFC West draw, would you agree that the schedule for the AFCS looks easier?

Paul Kuharsky: Right now, sure. But it's dangerous to presume next year's teams look like this year's teams.

Chris (Nashville): everyone is trying to say watt should be considered as MVP, how can they argue when in the biggest game against new england he didnt even make an impact. hes a great player but he didnt show up with everyone watching

Paul Kuharsky: He did more in that game than you think. Not every good play turns into a stat. Also, you can punch a hole like that in anyone. How can you consider Brady when on a crucial fourth-and-2 he overthrew his guy against SF ensuring they lost the game? See how that works

eli (my cube): Do the Jaguars need to go QB with their first pick? I think a pass rusher or a CB are way bigger needs.

Paul Kuharsky: You can't predetermine first round position before assessing the talent. Doesn't seem like there is an automatic QB pick at No. 2.

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