On the next round of Tebow-to-Jaguars talk

Chris Mortensen reports it’s a virtual certainty the Jaguars will pounce on Tim Tebow when he becomes available.

I wouldn’t be surprised if owner Shad Khan remains intrigued by the hometown hero. The Jaguars' trade bid for Tebow was roughly the same as the Jets was when Denver dealt him, so the Broncos allowed Tebow to steer the deal. He chose New York, and the Jets have been reluctant to give him chances to play. (I reflected on that choice at the time.)

But I don’t believe Khan will force Tebow on his people if they make a convincing argument against it. If Gene Smith (or a new general manager) and Mike Mularkey (or a new coach) spell out a case that Tebow would be more of a gimmicky distraction than a help, I think Khan can be dissuaded.

And I think the vast majority of personnel people in the NFL see Tebow as a gimmicky distraction.

The Jaguars haven’t had a blacked out game in three seasons, and that’s quite a feat considering they are 2-12 this season. Tarps cover some sections of too-big EverBank Field, but they’ve removed some for a few games this year to accommodate extra demand. That’s the case today for the home finale against New England. Tebow's potential impact on long-term attendance is overrated.

Those in favor of Tebow-to-Jacksonville say the team is likely to have an unsettled quarterback situation; so throwing him into the mix can’t hurt. The opposite is true. The guy’s supporters are fanatical, and the calls for him to play even if he doesn’t win the right or as soon as the starter struggles can become a major problem.

Jacksonville needs to solve its quarterback question, not add to it.

The Jaguars are loaded with character guys, and they’re terrible. They have to find more good football players, not add more question marks.

Khan will need to listen to his football people, whoever they may be.