What I think the Jaguars are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon…

What familiar theme shall we hit on this week? We played better, we gave a good team a fight. But we couldn’t hold a lead. We couldn’t finish. We couldn’t find a big play when we absolutely needed one. Again, credit Mike Mularkey for holding us together. It’s hard to be 2-13 and not fractured. But we’re not. But holding together when you’re terrible isn’t a great victory. It’s not something that’s going to save everyone’s job. We need more talent. Maybe the fringe guys among us hope for minimal change, because it may mean keeping their jobs. But the decent and good guys on this team want dramatic change. Because a significant influx of talent is the only avenue to this thing getting turned around. Our roster simply does not measure up to the good teams in the league.