What I think the Titans are thinking

What I think they are thinking at the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon…

Let’s hold together. Jake Locker was really bad Sunday in Green Bay, but he was under constant pressure from the blitzing Packers against an overmatched offensive line playing second stringers at three spots and a third-stringer at a fourth. That’s a lot to ask. Still, no matter his inexperience and his pressure we want to see some sort of spark from Locker that tells us he remains our guy. And his wild throws didn’t leave us with that feeling. Defensively, we’re simply not equipped -- with the personnel or the coaching -- necessary to slow someone like Aaron Rodgers down. Bud Adams knows the fans are ticked off and is ready for a major evaluation of why things haven’t worked for us. Can Mike Munchak make a compelling case for staying on?