What I think the Texans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Houston Texans this afternoon…

How many teams make it through a season without an unexpected loss? Denver doesn’t have one. New England lost to Arizona. Baltimore lost to Philadelphia. We lost to Minnesota. Let the NFL world panic over it. It’s one dud. We’re fine. We’ve won the division. If we beat the Colts for a second time on Sunday, this time at Lucas Oil Stadium, we’re the No. 1 seed in the AFC. We stunk Sunday, sure. But we’ve rebounded from our other two losses just fine. Count us out. Say we’ll be one and done in the playoffs. Say whatever you like. We’re fine. The Colts have nothing to play for. Even if they go all out, their offensive line can’t stop J.J. Watt, their defense can’t stop Arian Foster and their corners can’t stop Andre Johnson. Our stars will lead us into a bye and home-field advantage.