Should the Colts play or rest vs. Texans?

The big question leading into the big game between the Texans and Colts on Sunday is about the Colts’ strategy for the game.

Locked into the fifth seed in the AFC playoffs, will the Colts play all-out? Should they?

Chuck Pagano hasn’t addressed it yet.

But it would be more than a little weird to see a team that went 9-3 while he was away battling leukemia to relax and not care much about the result. Pagano leading the team on to the field will be an emotional moment, and Lucas Oil Stadium will be electric in paying tribute to him as he returns to the sideline.

Still, the offensive line struggled mightily two weeks ago against J.J. Watt. How bad would it be if Andrew Luck took a shot that got him hurt?

I’m not a proponent of the full-scale mail-in that former Colts head honcho Bill Polian so aggressively put in place in 2009, when the 14-0 Colts had home-field advantage locked up and sacrificed a chance at an undefeated season my easing up and losing to the Jets and at Buffalo.

If you have some guys who are legitimately questionable, I’d certainly lean toward resting them.

One things fans tend to forget is that a team can’t rest all it’s starters. There are limited substitutes available. Even in a full rest scenario, plenty of starters would play.

What does Pagano think?

Well, one of his best players and a guy he’s particularly close to, Reggie Wayne, told the Indianapolis Star the Colts should keep playing.

"We're too young to rest," he said. "We probably need to put everybody out there and have them continue to play. I don't think we can afford (to rest). I can't speak for everybody, but I'm built to play."

We will have to wait and see what Pagano says.

Then we’ll have to wait and see what he does.