Chat wrap: What benefits the Texans?

Clint (Houston): In the past few years, teams which have gained the 1st seed have not [fared] well in their quest for a Super Bowl. Obviously home field advantage is a big deal, but do you think that a loss to the Colts and the loss of a 1st seed could be beneficial and actually push the Texans to perform in the playoffs? Or do you think it is vital that Houston gains the 1st seed to have a chance of advancing to the Super Bowl?

Paul Kuharsky: If a loss to Minnesota isn't beneficial and doesn't push them to a win in Indy, why would a loss in Indy be beneficial and push them to a win in first round? A bye hasn't proven a big deal in recent years. There still isn't a team in the league that wouldn't want it.

David (Houston, Tx): If you were the HC for the COLTS. Would you start or rest your players, considering there's no change in your playoff seed? Thanks and Happy New Year Paul

Paul Kuharsky: I wouldn't push to get an injured guy like Samson Satele back in. But I wouldn't sit Luck or anything like that. Then you see how the game goes. If we're in position to tie it at the end, I'd go for two to ensure no OT.

Brian (Cville, VA ): Is it realistic to think that Shad Khan will tell an incoming GM, "part of you accepting this job is to agree to let Tim Tebow come in and compete as a QB". Would this scare away most GMs?

Paul Kuharsky: In theory, yes. But if I tell you, you can be a NFL GM with Tebow, or you can not be one without him, what would you do? Khan could force Mularkey on a new guy. Would he really force an outside player who's unwanted by two teams on a new GM? I'm not convinced he would.

Jonboy (Kentucky): Do you see Bud Adams demanding the Titans go after specific free agent this offseason?

Paul Kuharsky: Bud Adams has no idea who will be free agents this offseason.


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