Texans still sleepwalking

INDIANAPOLIS -- If the Texans keep going like this, they certainly don’t qualify as the AFC’s No. 1 seed.

They’re flat again, like they were last week in a loss to Minnesota. They’ve now gone eight quarters without a touchdown.

It’s unacceptably unproductive, and it’s going to kill them if they don’t wake up in the last 30 minutes at Lucas Oil Stadium, where they trail the Colts 14-6.

The Colts are playing to win, though they are locked in as the AFC’s No. 5 seed.

The Texans have a week off and home-field advantage through the playoffs at risk here, but lack urgency.

Matt Schaub is struggling instead of rebounding. He had James Casey open for a long touchdown but underthrew him and watched Vontae Davis pick him off and set up the Colts’ second touchdown.

Wake up, Houston. It’s now or a first-round game at Reliant Stadium next week against the Bengals.