Gary Kubiak should call Greg Knapp

The Houston Texans have a quarterbacks coach in Karl Dorrell.

That shouldn’t stop Gary Kubiak from placing a call today to Greg Knapp, who held the post in 2012.

It wouldn’t be admitting some sort of defeat to bring in a guy just fired as Oakland’s offensive coordinator. Kubiak shouldn’t regard it as some sort of concession or admission of failure.

He should see it as a chance to bring in a guy who might be a quarterback whisperer right when Matt Schaub could really use one.

Schaub probably loves and respects Dorrell. But he and all the team’s quarterbacks were wild about Knapp.

Last year Bill Belichick pounced on a chance to take back Josh McDaniels when he was available because he’d been dismissed as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here’s an opportunity for Kubiak to make a similar move. Hire Knapp back with some nebulous title.

What’s Kubiak got to lose? I mean except Saturday’s first-round playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals?