Will Ray Lewis news impact Colts?

Linebacker Ray Lewis said he is retiring after the Baltimore Ravens' season ends.

He has indicated he will play play Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts in the wild-card round after missing two months with a triceps injury.

Is his revelation going to spark Baltimore to a big showing against Indianapolis at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday? Or will his last game serve as a distraction for the Ravens.

It’s hard to know, and he’s entitled to share the news with his team as he did today as opposed to trying to keep it a secret. Most presumed it was going to be the case anyway.

But I do think it can sap a little bit of energy from the Ravens during the week and actually be a bit of an advantage to the upset-minded Colts.

"There will be a ton of energy,” Cots coach Chuck Pagano, who worked as part of the Ravens defensive staff before the Colts hired him. “ ... He’s their leader."

"It will be fun to one day say I got to play against Ray Lewis," Andrew Luck said.