AFC Chat wrap: A variety of deep thoughts

Some excerpts from Thursday's splendid chat...

Greg (Indy): If Arians/Pagano do not win Coach of the Year, if Luck does not win OROY, and if Grigson does not win Executive of the Year...it will be a pure TRAVESTY!!!!! No one has done more for their Organization than these three...

Paul Kuharsky: They have to win all three? Were they 16-0? Was no one else in the league in those categories any good? C'mon, man.

Chris (Nashville): how is it that 2 Hall of Fame o-line men (munch and matthews) had such a poor plan for the o-line in terms of NO depth and average to below average starters?

Paul Kuharsky: The starters were insufficient. No one has five quality backups, and that's how many they were playing at the end.

Matt (Jax Beach): There's a report that Mularkey isn't popular in the locker room down here. Is this true?

Paul Kuharsky: Don't know and don't care a lick. Why do I care of a roster full of bad players likes their coach? I might even hope they didn't.

Chuck (Indy): If Arians leaves during the offseason for a HC, how much do we regress as an offense with so many rookies learning a complete new system?

Paul Kuharsky: I'd find someone or promote someone who could keep most of the current offense in place.

DJ Drummond (Houston): Firing Kubiak is not an option, so if Houston tanks Saturday what can McNair do to hold Kubiak accountable?

Paul Kuharsky: Was it a Super Bowl or bust season? I mean good teams have great seasons and don't win the Super Bowl all the time. They aren't very good right now. It'll be a huge disappointment, but they'll have a chance to fix some things and try again. How do you think Kubiak wouldn't be accountable for the late season slide?


For the full transcript, which you simply must read, head here.