Jaws ranks Schaub ninth among QBs

Ron Jaworski’s quarterback rankings carry a good deal of weight. He and Trent Dilfer break down quarterback play as well as anyone in the media, and I’d say that no matter who they worked for.

Readers here who crushed me for selecting Andrew Luck over Matt Schaub as the All-AFC South quarterback on both the midseason and full regular-season teams are going to love Jaws' latest rankings.

He’s not only got Schaub (ninth) ahead of Luck (11th), he’s also got him ahead of Robert Griffin III (10th) and Russell Wilson (13th).

I was taken aback by that, particularly given Schaub’s recent struggles.

Of Schaub, Jaworski writes:

There's no other way to put it than by saying Schaub is in a real slump. The Texans have not been able to get the ball downfield, and, for Schaub to have success, they have to connect on those shot plays. He is not a matriculator; he's not going to steadily complete passes on a long drive. He needs a few plays that can chew up big chunks of yards. Houston is another team that has yet to enjoy great playoff success. This weekend presents a huge game for the Texans, and for Schaub.

It doesn’t sound like anything close to a guy who ranks as the ninth-best quarterback in the league to me. How about you?