What I think the Texans should be thinking

What I think they should be thinking at the headquarters of the Houston Texans this evening…

We’re presumed dead. It’s understandable. We know what we did in New England last time. We hardly provided a lot of reasons for people outside this locker room to believe we’ll spring an upset on Sunday back at Gillette Stadium. Here’s the thing, though. The Patriots played about as well as they can play that night. We played about as poorly as we can play that night. Let’s get them down to average. Let’s get us up to average. If we can start off getting to that, then we’ll have a chance to build and climb, create a couple breaks ourselves, get a few of the bounces we didn't get in losing 42-14 on Oct. 10. We’ve got to scheme in ways that help us get away from Vince Wilfork. Our interior line may simply not be equipped to handle him. We have to get him on the ground, regularly. In the secondary, Brandon Harris has to play big as the nickel. Since we didn't handle Aaron Hernandez well in the regular season meeting when Rob Gronkowski was out, we wouldn't mind if Gronkowski, recovering from a broken arm, isn't back to himself yet.