Texans' Brown didn't find column funny

Arian Foster put up the lead of Dan Shaughnessy’s recent Boston Globe column as his Twitter avatar.

When a follower asked if he felt disrespected by the piece that called the Texans a layup and tomato cans for Patriots on Sunday, Foster replied: “Not at all. Just thought it was funny.”

Foster’s left tackle, Duane Brown, expanded on that when I spoke to him a bit on Tuesday evening. Brown said he thinks the first back to top 100 yards in each of his first three playoff games simply found the piece to be a joke.

“I thought he did it more as a joke,” Brown said of Foster’s avatar switch. “I don’t think he saw it as bulletin board material. I think he just sort of thought it was funny.”

Brown didn’t have a big reaction to it either.

“The guy has his opinion, I thought a lot of the stuff he said was a little disrespectful,” Brown said. “But it’s his opinion and he’s not going to line up out there when it’s time for us to play, he’s not going to play against us, he’s not going to have any kind of effect on the outcome of the game. I’m not going to let his thoughts dictate how my week’s going to go.”

Foster tends to be a bit offbeat and unconventional. Brown said he didn’t find the column particularly amusing.

“I don’t think it was funny,” Brown said. “I don’t think it was funny at all.”

If Shaughnessy is somehow among the reporters who approach Brown for comments in the visitor’s locker room after the game, Brown said he’d probably offer some choice words.

“I’d probably have some words for him,” Brown said. “I can’t give a preview of what my speech would be like, I have to play a game. It would definitely be spontaneous.”