Chat wrap: Odds on some Colts returning

Some highlights from Thursday’s chat, which I forgive you for failing to attend.

Tye (Dallas): I’m not a Schaub hater, however his propensity to throw off his back foot is very frustrating. Have you noticed a higher than normal tendency of Schaub throwing while falling backwards? If so, what are your thoughts on the situation?

Paul Kuharsky: It's a bad tendency that he certainly falls into as pass pressure builds and contributes to problems.

Peruke Wearer, Houston, TX : Did the tightends coach and running backs coach really slow down the Titans offense this season, or is Munchak just looking for a dog to kick?

Paul Kuharsky: This is the time of year that coaching staffs are altered. He can't change players right now, that comes later. I have no real issue with him making changes. I think he needs to make one bigger one.

Kevin (Dallas): Paul, what are your current odds for the following Colts to be on next year's opening roster? Freeney, Powers, D. Brown, Hughes, Avery, Zbikowski, and Justice?

Paul Kuharsky: Hughes is under contract, I believe, Don't see why he'd be gone. Freeney: No chance. Brown: Only if he's there for the minimum and they don't find anyone else. Powers: 65 percent. Avery: 58 percent. Zbikowski is signed for two more years. As a third safety he's OK.: 90 percent. Justice: 50 percent, as depth not a starter.

Chris (Upper Carolina): Reason you have done less and less mail bags?

Paul Kuharsky: Twitter. I have conversations with you all in immediate time via Twitter. Mailbags feel like dodo birds to me. Have to find some sort of combo deal for offseason Saturdays. Suggestions?

And this one, keeping in mind this chat was hours before David Caldwell spoke at a news conference in Jacksonville where he said Tim Tebow isn’t going to ever be a member of the Jaguars.

Dave (FL): Does the Jags GM have the guts to say no to Tebow?

Paul Kuharsky: I bet he absolutely does.


Take in the whole chat right here.