I bet Titans endure one more year of Britt

Jersey City (N.J.) Police have wanted to talk to Titans receiver Kenny Britt since he dropped off a friend with a stab wound at a hospital Sunday morning.

“Kenny is not running from anyone. He has nothing to hide,” his father, Jack Britt, told Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean Tuesday. “He is fully cooperating and the police are saying a lot of things that just aren’t true. They don’t have all the facts. Kenny is going to clear this thing up.”


Britt’s dad now says a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

Jersey City Police Captain Edgar Martinez confirmed to Wyatt a meeting has been set up with Britt and police, and it was supposed to take place Tuesday.

“Until he comes in, nothing has changed,” Martinez said. “Kenny Britt is a grown man. He needs to get here.”

He’s a grown man, one who’s consistently failed to behave like one since the Titans drafted the wide receiver out of Rutgers in the first round in 2009.

(Side note: It was very funny that an early police call looking for Britt asked for input on his whereabouts from anyone who knew details, including Titans owner Bud Adams. Yeah, a 90-year old in Houston has tabs on Britt, who plays in Tennessee and was back home in New Jersey. That’s comedy.)

As for the Titans ...

There is a new round of talk in Nashville about how the team should part ways with a guy who consistently finds trouble. What message would the team really be sending to cut him at this point?

He’s got one year left on his initial deal.

I expect he will be the healthiest he’s been in a long while come this fall. He’ll be as motivated as he’s ever been, playing for a new contract.

The Titans could finally get a payoff for sticking with him through all of the headaches he's given them.

No matter how he performs, I think the Titans think they’ll be punishing him by showing no interest in him beyond next season.