How Kelly hire helps Colts, Jaguars

Chip Kelly’s the new coach of the Eagles.

What’s that mean for the AFC South?

Two things.

1) It means Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians has one less possibility. He was a finalist in Chicago and lost out to Marc Trestman, and San Diego gave him serious consideration before hiring Mike McCoy.

The Eagles were reportedly interested, but an interview didn’t happen.

Had Kelly not circled around and changed his mind, perhaps Arians would have re-emerged as a candidate there.

Jacksonville is looking at younger guys. Arizona is the only other remaining job, and is interested in Arians.

2) It means the Jaguars have one less competitor for the guys they are interested in. Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is on Jacksonville’s list and was presumed to be near the front of the line in Philly before Kelly re-emerged.

Jaguars candidates also reportedly in play for the Cardinals include Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.