A reminder Grigson won't spend to spend

For all who might expect the Indianapolis Colts to go on a wild spending spree as their cap situation flips form terrible to wonderful, bookmark this post.

Indianapolis general manager Ryan Grigson is excited at the prospects, but isn’t preparing to be crazy with roughly $46 million of salary cap room.

“It’s encouraging,” he said, per Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “At least now I don’t have to rub two nickels together to find a key position. Now if there’s somebody I really want that I feel can get us over the hump in a certain area, I can take a crack at him.

“I feel like I don’t want to go after a name just because that’s easy. There are guys out there -- if you really scout this league, if you really know this league -- you can find guys under the radar just because we dig a little harder. I feel confident we can sign some guys that might not be household names but will fit real well here despite not being splash names.

“If there’s someone that is an absolute game wrecker at a position and I feel like I absolutely have to have him -- and if the staff feels like they have to have him -- we’ll do it. But it’s not in my DNA to just go after names because sometimes, those guys let off the gas when they get those huge contracts. That’s just human nature."

That’s an interesting extra reason not to hand out record deals.

You might recall my favorite scouting bromide that money makes a guy more of what he is. A big contract to a good, hard-working guy tends to make him a better and ever harder working guy.

Grigson doesn’t buy all the way into that with his point about human nature leading to a let up.

Let’s keep that in mind while we talk about how we would spend his money.