Video: On Luck, Schaub as Pro Bowlers

I spoke with Prim Siripipat about the addition of Andrew Luck to the AFC Pro Bowl roster this morning, and you can see that above.

Now that two AFC South quarterbacks are playing in the game, it seems time to revisit, one final time, the debate we've had here over who was the best signal-caller in the division this season.

We've got a full season plus playoffs to judge Matt Schaub and Luck on.

It created quite a stir in our conversations in the comments and on Twitter when I chose Luck over Schaub for the All-AFC South midseason team and on my end-of-season All-AFC South team before Week 17.

I remain on Luck's side here, and it's nothing against Schaub.

But Houston's quarterback definitely faded late and created a lot of questions, while Indy feels as good about the spot going forward as any team in the league with a young quarterback.

Let's resist the temptation to factor in what we expect to come.

Who was better in the 2012 season? Vote in the poll, comment below and let's sort it out one last time.

I've sided with Luck twice before and I will again. Indianapolis played aggressively and threatened people all season. Perhaps it was partially a product of the Colts' offense, but I'll take Luck's 2012 over Schaub's.