Texans sticking with Schaub

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Tavaris Jackson's 64.8 passer rating was enough to get him benched after two games in Minnesota.

Matt Schaub's 50.3 rating is enough to keep him in the lineup for Houston.

And Sage Rosenfels, it's safe to say, qualifies as a better alternative than Gus Frerotte.

Nevertheless, Gary Kubiak is standing by his man and Schaub will take the 0-2 Texans into Jacksonville on Sunday.

Explanations and context from transcripts provided by the Texans public relations department:

Gary Kubiak:

"Nothing's changed. I'm trying to evaluate the ballgame to see some of the things we're doing so poorly that are not giving us a chance to win. But nothing has changed. Nothing's changed with our team.

"Well, I thought he made some tremendous plays early in the game. I thought we should have actually been up at half time had we made some of those plays, or come up with some of the throws that he had made. He had his mistakes but he also did some good things that would have given us a chance to be in position to win the football game. There's a lot of mistakes, it's not one guy. There's plenty to go around and we are trying to address all of them tonight.

"Obviously, when you're with players, I think the whole time you've been spending with them comes into account. You know what a player's made of, know what he's capable of. But, at the same time, in our business each week you play, you've got to sit there and evaluate what you're doing and how you're doing it. That's coaching, that's scheme, that's everything you're doing. So, in this business, every person, whether player or coach, if they're not doing their job, there's a chance they could be replaced. That's part of this business. When I look at the big picture, if I felt like one player was the reason that we were not succeeding, then that's easy. I don't see it that way. I see a lot of reasons why we're not succeeding and we all need to fix those issues."

Tight end Owen Daniels, on the topic of a quarterback controversy:

"I think everyone who I have spoken to, I guess, media-wise has mentioned it. I guess that's expected in, I guess, the situation where (QB) Matt (Schaub) hasn't played up to his ability. I think he'd be the first one to tell you that. That's our guy. That's all we really have to say about it. He's going to play a lot better. We're going to protect better for him and we've got to get him to get a win this week."

Guard Chester Pitts:

"The people that are doing all the clamoring tend to not know football as well as the people that are making those decisions. I don't want to be rude or anything but the guys at home watching TV need to stay at home watching TV and let the guys who know what they are doing do their jobs."

"... When anything goes wrong; if a running back fumbles twice, 'Oh, we need to get a new running back.' If a linemen misses two blocks in a game, it's 'Oh, we need to get his butt out of here and get someone better.' But if you score two touchdowns, 'Oh, he's great,' but he could have missed three pass blocks in the game. What is it? Perception versus reality. There is no controversy and Matt's going to be fine. The biggest thing I do is look at the mirror at myself and see what I can do to help Matt."