Chat transcript: In case you missed it

Some snapshots of the AFC South chat from earlier Thursday...

lowly fan [via mobile]: Will Luck's sack #'s drop in the West Coast system?

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, because he'll be throwing more quickly and shorter. So that's one good development. But they won't find as many big plays, and their big plays are more likely to include big runs after the catch. Hopefully Pep Hamilton will retain some of what worked so well for Bruce Arians, who pushes it downfield far more than a West Coast system does.

Ryan (Perry FL): At what position do you think the Jaguars are the worst at? In my opinion its the O-line, but I'de like to hear from a "professional".

Paul Kuharsky: I would be fine if they replaced 80 percent of the starting group on the O-line. Defensive line isn't very good either.

Trevor (Tennessee): I know Dave Ragone has been a QB coach before, but with the success he's had working with the Titans' receivers, what's the play there from your perspective?

Paul Kuharsky: I think Mike Munchak was determined to move him, which I don't understand. I do understand moving him because Shawn Jefferson became available, and he's a good coach.

Ismael (Texas): Do you see any coaching changes for the Texans? Kubiak? Dennison?

Paul Kuharsky: They won 13 games! You want to fire a head coach who won 13 games?


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