A travel day programming note

For the second consecutive year, with no AFC South team in the Super Bowl, I’ve drawn a trip to the site of the game through my radio gig.

So I’ll be part of broadcasts of The Midday 180 on Nashville’s 104.5 The Zone for the remainder of the week, and I’ll be hunting for interesting stuff for the blog before, during and after the show.

But we suffered a speed bump today before we even got started.

Nashville had some brutal overnight weather, which knocked out power at my house and took down a tree that blocked the one road out of my neighborhood, ending my chances to catch my early-morning flight. Also the dog ate my blog notes.

(Why can’t the road be blocked when I don’t want to work instead of when I am attempting to get to NOLA?)

Alas, Music City’s public works folks sawed up the offending tree and shopped it out, and this post comes to you from BNA -- Nashville International Airport -- where I am soon catching a flight.

So I’ll get to New Orleans this afternoon, probably not in time for radio participation, and I’ll begin the hunt for blog items of interest.

We’ll be back up to full speed tomorrow and apologize for Mother Nature’s role in slowing us down.

Thanks for your understanding.

I’ll be offering a beignet for every reader to make it up to you.